General Information of Value

Veterans Company Discounts

The companies listed provide major discounts of 10-20% off to veterans, active duty, and federal employees. You just have to ask.

  • Many of these businesses are franchises, and may not honor the Corp. discount, so call first if possible.
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Discounts for Military Info0001 (pdf 590 Kb)

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The Affiliate Newsletter

The Monthly MOAA Newsletter for Council and Chapters

- The "Affiliate" is the monthly newsletter for MOAA Chapter's officers and committee chairpersons. 

- Because of the large, and expanding, number of members within the many MOAA chapters nationwide, it is not economically feasible to send to ALL members. 

- Chapter officers are encouraged to share information contained in the "Affiliate" with their membership.

  • All members are able to read the on-line edition of the "Affiliate" at any time.

Go to the MOAA National On-Line 'Affiliate'

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Benefits Information Resources for Members

Veterans Information

Document with links to valuable VA benefit information

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Veterans Information (pdf 165.2 Kb)

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